EU Swing to the Right – Its Not the Economy Stupid!

A lot is being made of the European swing right recently. Many commentators seem to be stuck on the stupid idea that it is only because of economic policy.

My thoughts instantly thought of defense, not the economy. The Europeans have relied on the USA and our tug of war with the Soviet Union to provide for their strategic defence, hence a very low percentage of GDP spent on defence.

Why bother when the Yanks have us covered there, so the EU plows that savings into welfare state handouts and benefits. Now the Europeans, who have lived with the real and ever present danger of a Soviet and now Russian attempt to regain its superpower mantle are worried that their left wing governments will cave and the Obamericans will throw them under the bus too, as he has done so easily with Israel.

So, the only sensible thing to do is swing right (its unlikely a right wing government will stop the handouts) and cover their national security.

Just a thought.


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